Exciting Excursions

We love hearing about our clients memories from their favorites trips, if you would like to submit a memory please go to our website and under resources you will find a submit testimonials link!

A few years ago me and my sister and a few of our friends went on a summer trip to the Bahamas. Although the main goal of the trip was to relax and soak in as much sun as possible before heading back to school, we aren’t generally the type of travelers to be able to just sit around. With endless water sport options and jungle excursions we knew we would have a lot to do, but we typically try to find a few local treasures as well. Luckily, me being the researcher that I am, found that we could make our own perfumes right there on the island. I know a lot of locations offer this and I had always been interested in trying it. Needless to say it was such a fun experience and something that I still to this day use. I created a fragrance called International Amber and still have it. The neatest part about it was the fact that we were given a certificate so that when the perfume runs out I can order it again and again.

It is things like this that show the importance of the excursions because they really do make the trip. I loved going to the Bahamas, but my most memorable thing that I did was making my own signature perfume. I think this can be said about a lot of trips. Sure it is nice to relax and lay by the pool and sip on a Bahama Mama, but those aren’t the things that you remember. Make sure to check with your travel consultant about fun excursions that you can set up for your next trip and visit our website ambassadortravelltd.com and we’ll help you bring your next trip to life.


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