The Adventures of Veronica

For our first Makin’ Memories Monday post we are featuring a trip taken by our newest consultant Ms. Veronica Schoenrock. As you can see from her bio on our website, she loves to travel in Europe and has had many memorable experiences across the pond. She has been gracious enough to share one of those with us here:

“One of my favorite travel memories happened when I was on a Contiki tour. We had been busy exploring big cities like London, Amsterdam, and Munich but that day we had rolled into the Austrian Tyrol. Some of the group went whitewater rafting but I stayed at the outpost. We got to spend the afternoon surrounded by rugged mountains, dipping our toes in the crystal clear water, and relaxing in the sun. It was a peaceful surprise on this fast-paced trip and something I would have missed out on if I had not been on a guided tour.”

For those of you who don’t know, Contiki is a travel company catering to the 18-35 age bracket. This tour company is a great way for young people to see the world in a variety of different styles and time frames. If you are interested in making your own memories on a Contiki tour please contact us here.

What I love most about the travel industry is that you can share an experience like the one Veronica wrote about without actually having to have been there. It is rewarding to hear someone speak so genuinely about such a simple experience. When I asked her to write up a memory to share with out devoted readers I expected her to talk about an experience in one of the big cities she listed. Hearing what is important to people and listening to the memories that they will remember for their entire lives is such a unique and rewarding experience. The idea of dipping our toes in the “crystal clear water” sounds like a great way to unwind from our busy lives and take in all that an exciting tour has to offer.


If you would like to submit your own travel memories please email us at

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