Bringing Ambassador into the Blogosphere

Hello all and welcome to our first blog post! I am excited to start something that I hope is Ambassador’s most fun and versatile media outlet. We are so excited to share with you some of our own travel stories, testimonials from our clients, travel articles and much much more. After talking with the staff we have devised a plan to give you all a well rounded travel blog experience.

We will start off our weeks with “Makin’ Memories Monday” here we will be able to share our own personal memories as well as memories that our amazing clients have shared with us! Our clients are everything to us and when they have a successful travel experience, so do we. We can’t wait to share some of your stories with the world.

Tuesday will be for Travel Trivia. Each week I will ask a trivia question, that spans  all corners of the travel world. Feel free to write in your guesses on the comments below, but make sure to check in the next Tuesday to see the answer revealed.

Where in the world Wednesday will be a consultant spotlight of sorts. Here we will share our most recent vacation destinations from our own travel consultants as well as our top travel pics for that week. With all the great experience we encounter here at Ambassador Travel you won’t want to miss Wednesday’s posts!

Thursdays will make you realize it’s five o’clock somewhere with our Thirsty Thursday post. Here you will find out about signature drinks that resorts offer, how to create your own signature cocktail for your wedding and all the latest news on libations.

We will cap off our week with Free Friday. Here we may share an interesting quote, photo or clip. Think about it, meditate on it and catch us again on Monday to start the exciting ride all over again.

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