Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow

For the first time on any cruise line Carnival will be brewing up their own beer at sea. This will take place in their RedFog pubs were patrons can self serve at their very own table top taps. The Cruise line will offer brewery tours and tastings, once they have this new venture up and runnings. No word yet on whether these will be free tours or an added expense. Check out this write up by USA Today to get more details

First of all let me just commend Carnival on scooping up this great idea, that is sure to pop up on every cruise line in the next couple of years, before anyone else. Microbreweries and craft beers are all the rage right now so it is not only smart, but it is a way to tap into, no pun intended, the millennial market as well. 20 somethings, as it happens with any generation, are driving the pop culture market, and part of that market is Craft Beers. For Carnival to not only pick up on this, but be able to draw in a whole new crowd away from families and retired couples I think is pure genius. Personally I have been on a few brewery tours and I have had fun on every single one. They are informative, so you get people interested in history and beer production, plus who doesn’t love free samples. Cruise ships offer endless options and have become floating cities so adding a brewery was a step into total travel take over by the cruise industry.

What these ships need to do now is produce their beers only on the ships, do not sell out to retail stores, make it so people have to take a cruise to get their favorite beer. That is one great thing about many of our favorite craft beers, exclusivity. New Glarus here in Wisconsin only sells their famous brews locally. Living in Michigan during college I would always beg my parents to bring me Spotted Cow when they visited. The famous Bell’s Hopslam sells out within days once it is released because the company only sells there high alcohol content beers for 2 months of the year. Take a lesson from the big craft brewers out there Carnival and this new venture will be a great new addition to the other fabulous amenities that cruising has to offer. 635580281473533368-CL-VS-RedFrogPub-02-Ren

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